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We offer official certification training to work with our assessments DISC & Driving Forces and HOW & WHY Index®. After the training, you will get access to the Navigator platform and can start working with us.

The training is aimed at those who work with personal development, coaching, leadership, sales or organisational development and recruitment. If you work in HR or with internal company training, you are of course also welcome.

The certification gives you in-depth knowledge of behaviour and motivation/drives, which is important when working with our products/assessments. You will also receive guidance in our system platform Navigator.

The certification training is based on the fact that you sign a license (get a login) to the platform Navigator, which also contains training, presentation material and workshop exercises.

Certification includes:

  • Why are colours used to describe behaviour?
  • How does our personality evolve?
  • The difference between test and assessment
  • In-depth study of the different Behavioural Styles
  • In-depth look at Motivation/Drives
  • Review of different types of analyses and reports
  • DISC / HOW Index®
  • Driving Forces / WHY Index®
  • Practical application of the different assessments
  • Surveys and feedback products
  • Navigator – The assessment platform


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- Certification DISC - 2024

Online, Zoom/Skype meeting

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We offer online certification and training!

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