Discover your behaviour - Master your mindset

Get to know yourself as a golf player and find out how you are perceived by other players. We offer an assessment to learn more about, predict, understand, and describe your behaviour and how you, as a golfer, relate to other players, different situations, and complex challenges. The assessment uses the colours red, yellow, green and blue to show different behavioural styles, and the colours make it easy to adapt and understand.

Our assessment helps you to become a better golfer!

To become better at golf, you must get to know yourself both as a golfer and an athlete. You will need to identify, adapt and master many different situations on and off the course. Many of these things you may never thought of, but they will affect your game down to the smallest detail. Golf today is entirely determined by you, your preparations, training, mindset, swing, equipment, knowledge, and teammates/opponents playing with you.

Today we want every golf experience to include more than before. Everyone wants a better, straighter, longer tee shots, perfect iron play and approach play, perfect bunker strokes, and putts that go in the hole. All of this together ultimately leads to excellent scores.

Compared to before, the game has been developed, the equipment is becoming more advanced, and the technology development is going at a furious pace. As a result, both swing and equipment increase the golfer’s demand for improvement. In addition, the golf courses are re-built, adding length to the holes to suit the advanced golf game.

«The basic idea of ​​the game is to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible»

How to balance mind matters on the golf course!

There are many reasons why people play golf. We could write several books about why some people play golf and why some continue to play no matter what obstacles they encounter on and of the golf course.

The point is that your attitude towards your personal golf play will be influenced by if you choose to start the sport of your own free will or if you were in any way pushed to practice the sport. So only you can answer how you basically feel about the sport and how you feel about the whole around golf, game technology, training, equipment, competitions, etc.

The most important lesson is that all players must create and find their own foundation around the sport of golf and shape the answer to the question – why I play golf! Each player must relate to all the ingredients in golf to constantly motivate themselves and improve their game.

This is the basis of your MINDSET!


  • Independent and goal-oriented
  • Prone to change – can change playing style quickly
  • Love challenges (especially with obstacles and over water)
  • Plans for hard and long shots


  • Success in team play and in own game
  • Long strokes and stylish approaches – Birdie putts (preferably eagle putts)
  • Low HCP


  • To duff, slice and hook the tee-shots
  • Being dependent on a less good player in a matchplay or team plays


  • Outgoing & optimistic
  • Creative & communicative
  • Verbal – talks during the game – even when others are about to swing
  • Team builders – likes team games


  • Experiences & change
  • Status symbols and prestige
  • Stylish logo balls – for free!


  • To be «excluded» not playing in the «right company»
  • To not be asked to…
  • Having to spend too much time exercising and training


  • Harmonious, social
  • Relaxed, personal
  • Helpful
  • Persistent players
  • Listens to other people’s suggestions


  • Calm pace on the course
  • Harmony in the ball
  • Appreciation for good golf play


  • Sudden changes in game schedules or in the lineup
  • Conflicts with other players when playing 


  • Logical, structured
  • Plans the game carefully – preferably with the course guid in hand
  • Follows the rulebook if uncertainties arises
  • Hands out penalties if rules are broken


  • Unambiguous goals and rules
  • Fact-based relationships on the golf course


  • Own failure
  • Emotions and irrational actions on tee, the course or around the green
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