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This is a special offer for you who work with DISC and motivational assessments, but have limited needs. You purchase the assessments only when needed and pay by credit card through Paypal, at no extra cost.

Navigator Basic is an online system and offers a customised DISC assessment that is easy to read and ideal for coaching and personal feedback. In addition, you get to choose to combine DISC with the motivational assessment WHY Index® to get a deeper, more profound understanding.

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Navigator Basic                     0 EUR

DISC & WHY Index®             39 EUR

DISC                                       29 EUR

WHY Index®                          29 EUR

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If you need deeper knowledge about behaviour and motivation before start working with the assessment, we offer online education. Contact us >>


If you have other needs...

Ensize offer a world-class online platform for training, knowledge and assessments to helps professional users to manage both assessments, exercises and participant material at the same time. Navigator Pro is a complete full-service platform for online assessments such as HOW Index®/DISC/behavioural style assessments, WHY Index®/Driving force/Motivation analyses, GAP 360°/180° assessments, Employee surveys, Team assessments and much more. Visit our homepage or contact us for more information.

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