Normative DISC

The Normative DISC allows comparison between a specific profile with defined norm groups. Normative DISC is based on DISC MD and uses the same report parameters. What makes the difference is the normative questionnaire. This allows the creation of two optional behavioural situations. Since the two situations are dynamic and allow the user to add several new situations. The Normative DISC is open for new situations, therefore interpretations, and it becomes endless.

Specific area of use
— When you want to use the opportunity to add and compare new situations built on normative questionnaires.

The questionnaire
— Is based on 2 predefined situations using a normative questionnaire.
— Allows the respondent to reply to 2 flexible behavioural situations.
— The two situations are based on 2 × 30 normative questions.
— Any added situation is based on 30 questions.

The report
— A highly accurate report that describes 2 situational behaviours.
— Is flexible to use, and you can add additional situations.


Our Normative DISC assessments:

  • Normative DISC (coming soon)

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Benefits of using Normative DISC:

  • Improve behaviour in different situations (sales, leadership, teamwork, etc.).
  • Improve communication.
  • Improve work environment.
  • Greater awareness of how we behave.
  • Resolve employee communication issues.
  • Support during the recruitment process.

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