Personal growth starts with self-awareness. If you work with Communication, you can use different assessments. The DISC Multi-Dimensional models provide an insight into why people behave as they do, allowing them to take conscious steps towards a better understanding of themselves and others. They can improve communication and help people deal with different situations, both at work and at home. You can also work with our Driving Forces assessments, which examine what motivates and drives people.


Ensize offers solutions for the development and training of Salespeople. You can have access to a wide range of specific sales assessments and material. “Selling with Colours” displays how a DISC MD profile reflects on sales behaviour. Each salesperson has an individual sales style. The style is based on a combination of their own experiences and their behavioural style. Ensize sales assessments map behaviours and how they might imply sales performance. For sales managers and sales teams, we provide 360°-assessments and Team-Evaluator, exclusively designed for the sales environment.


Ensize offers solutions for the development and training of leaders. Our platform gives you access to a wide range of specific leadership assessments and material. A modern leader needs to be able to communicate with the right attitude and mindset. There is a clear demand for more effective communication in times of greater complexity, the pace of life, and global development. “Leadership with Colours” displays how a DISC MD profile reflects on leadership behaviour. It also provides insight into the similarities and differences within a team. This increased understanding shows leaders how to deal with various people and how to gain trust and rapport. Celebrating diversity brings out the best in both the leader and employees.


Ensize offers solutions for the development and training of teams. Our platform gives you access to a wide range of specific team assessments and material. Ensize has identified the difficulties and constant challenges of building goal-oriented and well-functioning teams. They might originate from misunderstandings, low acceptance of diversity, lack of confidence, lack of respect, low morale, low loyalty, or team members’ high turnover. Ensize Team assessments evaluate and highlight the differences, strengths and weaknesses of a team.


As a coach, you are expected to guide people from one point to another, from A to B. The most challenging aspect is helping people to grow and know where to start. But what does A actually stand for? By using the Ensize DISC Behavioural and Driving Forces Assessments, you can get a snapshot of a person’s current position, the natural starting point for planning coaching sessions and activities. Your proposals will be more useful and attractive when based on proven and objective assessments.


Use algorithms to complement your recruitment skills. A common pitfall in recruiting is an over-reliance on personal judgement and emotions. People tend to connect with others who have similar personalities, which means they can often overlook shortcomings. Our DISC assessments provide objective indicators and shine a spotlight on certain types of behaviours to show where you need to dig deeper and which questions to ask.

Ensize gives you a competitive edge by providing access to professional assessments and recruiting tools via a state-of-the-art platform.

Our products

Ensize offers a wide range of online assessments and products for your area of expertise.

DISC Assessments

Identify and predict behaviour to improve employee productivity.

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Motivational Assessment

Find out what motivates employees and create a more positive working environment.

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GAP 360°/180° Assessment

Bridge the gap between how employees see themselves and how others perceive them.

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Team Assessments

Greater competition and fast innovation have put pressure on companies to change their organisation.

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Climate / Employee Surveys

Measure a company’s temperature to identify issues and create a more positive work environment.

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