Discover the power of effective communication and personal growth with DISC assessments, a well-known tool for understanding human behaviour.

As one of the most user-friendly and insightful methods in behavioural science, DISC makes it possible to dive deep into behavioural styles and to get to know yourself and your environment.

Benefits of using DISC:

  • Is an effective tool for getting to know yourself and your environment, strengthening communication skills, and building stronger, more harmonious relationships both at work and at home.
  • Well-known, easy to explain and understand, and clear with the help of the Colour Language.
  • Improved communication.
  • Improved working environment.
  • Greater awareness of how we do and what we do.

Areas of use:

  • DISC assessments are particularly valuable in areas such as communication, cooperation, and self-awareness.
  • By increasing the understanding of one’s own and others’ behavioural styles, DISC contributes to improved communication and effectiveness in both personal and professional contexts.
  • DISC is a prominent tool for individual coaching and team development, where improved self-awareness directly translates into better working relationships and collaborative practices.

Our DISC assessments:

  • DISC Communication
  • DISC & WHY Index® combination
  • DISC & Driving Forces combination
  • DISC Leadership
  • DISC Behaviour Team
  • DISC & Driving Forces Team

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The report:

  • The DISC report is designed to provide a nuanced assessment of the individual’s basic and adapted behavioural styles.
  • Identifies potential areas for development, contributing to a more targeted and effective personal development strategy.
  • Easy to understand and apply the insights from the assessment in practice.
  • Available in 6 languages (English, Swedish, German, Dutch, Spanish, French).

The questionnaire: 

  • Ipsative questionnaire, 28 groups of four adjectives, where the respondent has to choose two options: one that describes the respondent best and one that describes the respondent worst.

A multidimensional DISC report enhanced with Word Cloud

Word Cloud is a helpful and useful feature on the front page of the DISC report. It shows the words that characterise this particular behavioural profile, gathered in a so-called Word Cloud. The more prominent the behaviour, the bigger the words. An extra feature is that the adjectives are linked to the DISC profile’s different colour charges (regardless of whether the charge is high or low).

You can include Word Cloud in both individual and group reports. An excellent tool for discussion and reflection on both one’s own and the group’s behaviour and dynamics.

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