Motivational/Driving Forces

The Driving Forces and motivational assessments are used to provide a more in-depth insight into what motivates people in life and at work. By revealing the forces that drive people, you can understand motivation, cater to individual needs, and foster a more positive environment, ultimately increasing cooperation as well as job satisfaction rates.

Two different report types!
Ensize has developed two assessments that both describe and shed light on driving forces and motivational factors. Both the reports and the questionnaires differ. In the traditional Driving Forces assessment, a questionnaire is used where you rank your answers and in the later version, which we call the WHY Index®, we use a normative questionnaire.

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Benefits of using Ensize Motivational/Driving Forces assessments:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased quality of work.
  • Fewer accidents / lower sick leave.
  • Satisfied customers.
  • Increased profitability!
  • Provides support in recruitment and selection processes.

Our Motivational/Driving Forces Assessments

  • Driving Forces assessment >>
  • DISC MD & Driving Forces Combination >>
  • Driving Forces Team >>
  • DISC MD Behaviour & Driving Forces Team >>
  • WHY Index®>>

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How Motivational Assessments work

Motivational Assessments are designed to achieve an understanding of what drives an individual. In simple terms, the amount of energy put into doing a good job depends on how motivated we are. If an individual feels that their inner motivation is satisfied, they will most probably do a better job. Ensize’s Motivational Assessments unlock the answer to the question “how to motivate employees”. Ensize Motivational/Driving Forces Assessments are based on modern science and well-known theories.

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