GAP 360°/180°

The Ensize GAP Assessment is an effective tool for facilitating personal development, planning and coaching for entrepreneurs, sales managers and project managers. It provides employees with 360°/180° feedback, filling in gaps in their own perception to better understand how other people see their behaviour. It’s the perfect starting point for discussions to develop better cooperation and communication.

By using Ensize GAP 360°/180°Assessment, you also gain access to a world of additional resources via the Navigator. This is a powerful administrative and reporting instrument and an advanced training platform that offers a wide and constantly evolving selection of interactive training material, online material, games, etc. and the possibility to upload your favourite learning materials.

Benefits of using Ensize GAP 360°/180° Assessments:

  • Feedback from multiple sources.
  • Encourage team development.
  • Promote personal development.
  • Encourage personal responsibility for career development.
  • Improve customer service.

Our GAP Assessments

  • GAP 360°/180° Leadership
  • GAP 360°/180° Projects
  • GAP 360°/180° Entrepreneurship
  • GAP 360°/180° Sales manager

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How GAP 360°/180° Assessments work

Our perceptions form the basis of our reality, yet everyone has blind spots or gaps, making them unaware of how others perceive their own behaviour. The GAP 360°/180° Assessment helps individuals become aware of their blind spots and see how their behaviour affects the people they work with.

Anonymous and completely honest feedback is the key to 360°/180° assessments. The results of the self-assessment and feedback given by colleagues, managers and sometimes customers will provide the basis of a ‘GAP 360°/180° report’. This report will fill in the blanks and highlight the areas that individuals need to be aware of. The ‘gap’ is the difference in an employee’s perception and how others see their performance.


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