HOW Index®

The HOW Index® is a normative assessment and allows comparisons between individuals and between different groups of individuals, so-called norm groups. As an example, it is possible to obtain information on how the individual behaves both in the work situation and in cooperation with a specific person. You can also use it for global surveys, defining important behavioural traits of a group or an organisation.

A unique possibility offered by the HOW Index® is the ability to combine different situations in a single report based on the dynamic assessment engine using 6 scales. HOW Index® is partly based on the DISC 4-scale methodology but is developed as a 6-scale normative assessment. In the HOW Index®, the respondent is asked to have a specific situation in mind when answering the questionnaire. For example, it could be the interaction at work, with colleagues, with the manager, the team, with a specific person, etc.

Specific area of use
– HOW Index® is a great tool in a recruitment situation to help define an ideal profile when screening for talents.
– Global surveys, defining important behavioural traits of a group or an organisation.

The questionnaire
– 2 predefined situations using a normative behavioural questionnaire.
– Allows the respondent to reply to 2 flexible behavioural situations.
– The 2 situations are based on 2 x 30 normative questions.
– Any added situation is based on 30 additional questions.

The report
– A highly accurate report that describes 2 situational behaviours based on 6 scales.
– The report is flexible to use, and you can add additional situations.
– Flexible comparison between profiles, groups, and organisations.
– HOW Index® is also available as a group report!

Our HOW Index® assessments:

  • HOW Index®
  • HOW & WHY Index® Combination

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Benefits of using HOW Index®:

  • Improve behaviour in different situations (sales, leadership, teamwork, etc.).
  • Improve communication.
  • Improve work environment.
  • Greater awareness of how we behave.
  • Resolve employee communication issues.
  • Support during the recruitment process.

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