HOW Index®

HOW Index® is a situational behavioural style assessment designed to provide in-depth insights into the behaviour of individuals in different situations.

This normative assessment is specifically tailored to meet the needs of complex and demanding situations such as recruitment, team dynamics, sales, leadership and organisational development. HOW Index® also allows making comparisons between individuals and groups and combines different situations into one report, giving behaviour a new scale – flexibility. HOW Index® provides the possibility to select two or more situations to highlight the individual’s actual behaviour. This makes it possible to focus on a more reality-based behavioural situation.

HOW Index® is based on continuous contemporary developments with influences from Emotional Intelligence, BIG 5 and others. There are also some recognisable elements from DISC as the colour language is used to highlight the different behavioural styles

Choose HOW Index® and expand your understanding of human behaviour. This sophisticated behavioural assessment is key to developing stronger, more adaptive strategies for personal and professional success. Take the plunge today and see how HOW Index® can revolutionise the way we look at behaviour.

Read more in our white papers on the different uses of the HOW Index® >>.

Benefits of using HOW Index®:

  • By highlighting different situations in a single report, HOW Index® provides unrivalled flexibility and relevance in several scenarios.
  • It provides a more accurate and relevant picture of how an individual, functions in different situations, which is essential for effective decision-making and personal development.

Areas of use:

  • An excellent tool in a recruitment situation to define an ideal profile when screening talent.
  • Team development.
  • Leadership development.
  • Sales development.
  • Executive search.
  • Organisational development.
  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Learning and development.
  • People Ready Business.
  • Global surveys that define key behavioural characteristics of a group or an organisation.

Our HOW Index® assessments:

  • HOW Index®
  • HOW & WHY Index® Combination

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The report:

  • The report contains stylish and modern illustrative charts to measure different types of movements and adaptations.
  • It highlights different situations in a single report, where behaviour expands to a new dimension.
  • Available in 6 languages (English, Swedish, German, Dutch, Spanish, French).

The questionnaire:

  • Is based on two or more pre-defined situations using a normative questionnaire.
  • Allows the respondent to answer two or more flexible behavioural situations.
  • Each situation is based on 30 normative questions.

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