Hybrid DISC

Hybrid DISC makes it possible to shift from DISC to HOW Index®, providing a new, more in-depth perspective on one or more specific situations.

Hybrid DISC is a blend of the basic or adapted behaviour from DISC MD and an optional behavioural situation from HOW Index®. It is possible to add another situation and exclude the basic/adapted behaviour from DISC MD and create a full version of the new HOW Index® report with deeper and more flexible interpretations of a behavioural profile.

Benefits of using Hybrid DISC:

  • Makes DISC more flexible and provides more opportunities.
  • Can bring to life a previously answered DISC.
  • Is a useful transition from DISC to HOW Index®.

The report:

  • The report is a mix between DISC and HOW Index® (the basic behaviour is shown as in the DISC report and the situational behaviour is shown as in the HOW Index® report).
  • Available in 6 languages (Swedish, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French).

Areas of use:

  • Personal development, sales, leadership, and communication and in specific optional situations.

Our Hybrid DISC assessments:

  • Hybrid DISC

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