Assessments for Driving Forces and Motivation

Maximise your organisation's potential by deeply understanding what really drives employees.

Ensize Driving Forces and Motivation assessments provide an understanding of the underlying driving forces of employees, which is a key factor in creating a dynamic and engaging work environment.

Ensize’s innovative tool offers two different driving forces assessments: a simple Driving Forces Assessment used as a complement to DISC and the groundbreaking WHY Index®. These two assessments offer unique insights using different methods of data collection and analysis, resulting in customised reports tailored to your specific needs.

Why use our motivational assessments?
The benefits are endless. Increased team engagement can lead to remarkable improvements in collaboration, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. This translates not only into a more harmonious workplace, but also into measurable benefits such as improved work quality, reduced sick leave, higher customer satisfaction and increased profitability. HOW Index® also offers valuable insights during the recruitment process to ensure that candidates are a good fit with the company’s culture and values.

Customised questionnaires
Our assessment tools are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of employees’ internal driving forces. The scenario-based questions provide detailed and nuanced insights that reflect real-life situations and preferences. This leads to a deeper understanding and more effective strategies for staff development and team building.

The result?
By implementing Driving Forces and Motivation assessments, the organisation is prepared with the knowledge to not only understand but also actively meet employee needs. This leads to a work culture that fosters growth, innovation and collective success.

Our Motivational/Driving Forces Assessments

  • WHY Index®>>
  • HOW Index & WHY Index Combination >>
  • Driving Forces assessment >>
  • DISC MD & Driving Forces Combination >>
  • Driving Forces Team >>
  • DISC MD Behaviour & Driving Forces Team >>

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How Motivational Assessments work

Motivational Assessments are designed to achieve an understanding of what drives an individual. In simple terms, the amount of energy put into doing a good job depends on how motivated we are. If an individual feels that their inner motivation is satisfied, they will most probably do a better job. Ensize’s Motivational Assessments unlock the answer to the question “how to motivate employees”. Ensize Motivational/Driving Forces Assessments are based on modern science and well-known theories.

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