PWS - Personal Work Styles

PWS describes “HOW” a person thinks he/she is perceived in the workplace and “WHY” the person thinks that certain things are more important. PWS describes both motivational factors and behavioural factors. PWS is a normative assessment.

The PWS is based on insights about why we act as we do. It gives us the ability, in a conscious and reasoned manner, to take steps towards a greater understanding of ourselves and others and shows us how to adapt for the benefit of individuals, groups, and organisations. The PWS can be used to achieve different insights and benefits in a variety of contexts. Most often, it is used to help discover strengths and development areas for individuals and teams. Find out what gives a person energy and why the person loses energy.

PWS is possible to use for global surveys, defining important motivational as well as behavioural traits of an organisation.

Specific area of use
— PWS is a great tool to use for global surveys, defining important motivational as well as behavioural traits of an organisation.

The questionnaire
— Based on 2 normative questionnaires.
— 32 motivational normative questions.
— 30 behavioural normative questions based on the actual workplace situation.

The report
— A highly accurate report that describes workplace behaviours and personal motivation.
— The report is flexible to use.
— Flexible comparison between profiles, groups, and organisations.

Our Personal Work Styles assessments:

  • PWS — Personal Work Styles

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Benefit of using Personal Work Styles:

  • Become aware of preferences, strengths, and development needs.
  • Appreciate the differences between different work styles.
  • Develop a common language to discuss different ways to behave.
  • Create a dialogue about various personal preferences, challenges, similarities, and differences.
  • Relate in a constructive manner to people in the surrounding.

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