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Behavioural Style Assessments 

Behavioural assessments are used to learn more about, predict, understand and describe human behaviour. It is a self-evaluating assessment and not a test. It is an instrument that describes how people are likely to behave as they respond to their environment, and it provides valuable insights into both your own and others’ behaviour. The assessment is useful in many different contexts.

When you use Ensize’s behavioural assessments, you also gain access to a world of additional resources via the Navigator. This is a powerful administrative and reporting instrument and advanced training – Learning Management System, offering a wide and constantly evolving selection of interactive training material, e-learning, games etc. and with the possibility to upload your favourite learning materials.

Benefits of using the Ensize behavioural assessments:

  • Access to Navigator full-service resources
  • Improved communication
  • Improved work environment
  • Greater awareness of how we do what we do
  • Resolve employee communication issues
  • Support during the recruitment process

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Behavioural assessments:

The Ensize Colour Language

Personal communication styles are determined by a combination of colours in different strengths and combinations. The Ensize Colour language is based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s colour theory, and it uses colours to identify the different behavioural styles to achieve more effective communication.

The colour language is a language you can observe
All that we learn about the colour language is clear, visible and observable. It specifies only visible behaviours. It is what we can see with the eye that is described, not our personality, or who we are, but only how we behave. The colour language is used to express different actions and behavioural styles while creating a conscious ability to change and adapt our communication patterns in different situations when we believe it is important to clarify our communication.

Summary of the 4 colours :


By nature, they are somewhat suspicious. They are not afraid of challenges and are often good at problem solving.

They are perceived as demanding, driving, strong, obstinate and pioneering.

A lower strength of red in a profile means they are more reserved and prefer more time and information before acting.


By nature, they believe their surroundings are good, they have good communication skills and they influence others using their enthusiasm.

They are perceived as, persuasive, inspiring, optimistic and social.

A lower strength of yellow in a profile means they prefer to influence others with facts rather than with feelings.


By nature, they appreciate security and friendly relationships. They work well in a team and don’t like unplanned changes.

They are perceived as, calm, loyal, relaxed, patient and persevering.

A lower strength of green in a profile makes them enjoy variation, life and movement.


By nature, they are  independent, aware of rules and regulations and they like to do what’s right.

They are perceived as  cautious, painstaking and quality conscious.

A lower strength of blue in a profile makes them see rules as guidelines which they can easily deviate from.

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What is Ensize’s Navigator system

Navigator is a unique multi-tiered resource platform that enables the management of the assessment process and beyond. You will benefit from a wide range of assessments (DISC, Driving Forces, GAP 360°/180°, employee surveys, team development and much more). Navigator is truly unique within the industry – offering a wide and constantly evolving selection of interactive training material, e-learning, games etc. with the possibility to upload your favourite learning materials.