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Measure a company’s temperature to identify issues and create a more positive work environment

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Employee Survey Assessments 

Carrying out an Employee Survey study is a smart way of measuring a company’s ‘internal’ climate for employees and the ‘external’ climate for customers. Providing an overview of what works well and the areas where attention is required within a team, department or the entire organisation.

Regular studies can evaluate the effectiveness of staff training and development activities and show the impact of any new initiatives and processes upon the employees.

Benefits of using Employee Survey Assessments

  • Improve internal communication
  • Identify areas which need improving
  • Easy to read results diagram
  • Encourages honest anonymous feedback
  • Evaluate impact of training initiatives

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How Ensize Surveys Work

Ensize’s two Thermometer Employee Surveys studies are based on Professor Göran Ekvall’s research “the inner life of organisations”, in which he identified the combined factors needed to create a positive work environment.

Both Employee Surveys studies comprise of 40 questions and are completely anonymous. They can be applied to the company as a whole or as tailor-made studies on a specific area of the business. The assessments allow effective evaluations of methods of training and development and the organisational culture. The results are presented in an easy to read diagram.

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What is Ensize’s Navigator system

Navigator is a unique multi-tiered resource platform that enables the management of the assessment process and beyond. You will benefit from a wide range of assessments (DISC, Driving Forces, GAP 360°/180°, employee surveys, team development and much more). Navigator is truly unique within the industry – offering a wide and constantly evolving selection of interactive training material, e-learning, games etc. with the possibility to upload your favourite learning materials.